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Next Generation 

Equipping churches

to develop effective Gospel-centered ministries for children and students 

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Developing Gospel-Centered Ministries

Whether you're a church plant, an established church, or a ministry organization introducing children's and student programming for the first time, Transformation Consulting will help you understand the strategic steps to go from zero to the establishment and how to navigate the many unknowns. How do you plan when you don't know who's coming?

We'll help you develop effective ministries that are Gospel-centered, diverse, intentional, safe, and reflect your mission and vision from your first day.

Reimagining and Redesigning Your Family Ministries 

If your church is hitting the restart button in your children's and youth ministries, Transformation Consulting will help you build and structure with a strategic focus. We'll help you develop an effective ministry living your mission and vision.

How do you welcome families, organize ministry environments, develop programming, and equip your ministry teams? We'll evaluate where you're at and strategically plan the steps that will allow you to live out your mission and vision.

Equipping Leaders and Ministry Teams

How are you currently equipping your family ministry leaders? Are you in a continuous cycle of recruiting, or are you retaining? Are you equipping your team with what is most vital and beneficial for their ministries?


Are the ministry leader and volunteer team aligned with what it means to be Gospel-centered? 

Transformation Consulting will help you evaluate your goal, win, and processes, from recruiting to ongoing training opportunities. 


About Tanya, Founder

If I had to choose one word to describe the type of work I've done over my 23-year career, I would use the word development. I'm committed to strategic planning and trusting God for the big picture that is still years ahead. What a joy when you watch it come to life! With depth and breadth of life experiences, creativity, ingenuity, intentionality, and personalization, there are ministries to build that have the power to change the trajectory of lives and communities. What development opportunities has my career given me?


Transformation Consulting is Intentional About...



Tanya B, Brooklyn, NYC

"Tanya is an incredible and dedicated children's ministry development and education leader. I've had the pleasure of taking at least seven of her courses at the New York School of the Bible."

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